Our final event is coming up! This time, the SCAI label will be presented in Bielefeld, Germany.

The next Bielefeld, Germany, on January 18th from 2:15 until 3:45 pm. Here’s the detailed program: 14:15h Welcome & Introduction14:20h Presentation on scientific aspects of Fake News and trust in media (Tim Schatto-Eckrodt, University of Muenster)14:35h Presentation on background of the SCAI (Bielefeld University, tbc)14:50h Presentation on dealing with fake news in journalism and mediaSigue leyendo «Our final event is coming up! This time, the SCAI label will be presented in Bielefeld, Germany.»

Welcome to SCAI Project

What is SCAI? SCAI stands for Trust Label for News Programs (from the Spanish Sello de Confianza Audiovisual para Informativos). It is an European initiative involving 5 partners from the European Union: iCmedia and the University of Navarre, from Spain; the University Bielefeld from Germany; Fondazione Vincoli Romani (from Interaxion Group) from Italy; and YouthSigue leyendo «Welcome to SCAI Project»

SCAI PROJECT (Audiovisual Trust Label for News Programs)

The SCAI Project (Audiovisual Trust Label for News Programs) is a European project coordinated by iCmedia (Spain) and formed by the following partners: The University of Navarre (Spain), Bielefeld University (Germany), Fondazione Vincoli Romani (Italy) and Youth Proaktive (Belgium). The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. The Audiovisual Trust LabelSigue leyendo «SCAI PROJECT (Audiovisual Trust Label for News Programs)»