Welcome to SCAI Project

What is SCAI?

SCAI stands for Trust Label for News Programs (from the Spanish Sello de Confianza Audiovisual para Informativos). It is an European initiative involving 5 partners from the European Union: iCmedia and the University of Navarre, from Spain; the University Bielefeld from Germany; Fondazione Vincoli Romani (from Interaxion Group) from Italy; and Youth Proaktiv from Belgium. The project is cofunded by the European Comission through the program Erasmus+


After observing and increase in the Fake News Phenomenon, the partners involved presented a proposal to the European Comission, to help in the battle against disinformation our society is undergoing. What we agreed on is that an informed society is a freer society, and that translates into better and truer democracies. One of the main sources for the general public to inform themselves is through television newsprograms. That is why we aim to help audiences to judge for themselves through the creation of the SCAI label. We have created a series of indicators which everyone can check and decide if they trust a program or not.

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